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Corporate-Occupational Athletes are people that sit, bend, lift, climb or run for a living.

  • Unlike professional or Olympic athletes they have to do it for at least 20 years not 5 years
  • The pay is different.
  • They need their body to perform even when they are done working.
  • Energy and productivity matter.

Dr. Gregory Kramer at Kramer Chiropractic in Livonia MI specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of problems associated with Corporate-Occupational Athletes.

Each profession have different sets of problems and therefore different solutions.

Solutions are specific to profession, person, age and gender.

Examples in Livonia MI:

  • People who sit for a living often experience headaches, neck pain, TMJD, carpal tunnel syndrom, back pain, etc.
  • Police often experience low back pain, shoulder pain, "Sam Brown" syndrome.
  • Firefighters number one career ender are shoulder problems.
  • Dentists often experience postural issues, neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain from working in a bent and twisted position on one side of the chair all day.

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Watch the Corp Athlete Video on Wellness Champions Here!

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