Chiropractic Testimonials

"If you are in a place in your life where you are willing to invest time and effort in your health and recovery, I would recommend Dr Kramer. I came to Livonia Spine and Injury for another step to improve my health. At 64 I recognized a need to make changes to reduce the risk of injury and improve the chance of full recovery if there is an injury. Staff is pleasant, well trained and informed. Dr Kramer does a wonderful job of evaluating and informing clients what they need to do. This is an approach I appreciate because of an awareness that I am responsible for my health, and medical professionals can only do so much. The clinic has a variety of equipment to use on site as well as to purchase to continue home care. The improvements make to my spine in a 12-week period are measurable and significant."

- Denise Meyers

"Best chiropractor I've experienced. Incredibly knowledgeable regarding diagnosis, and remediating Spinal issues through, diagnosis, adjustment, remediation (traction) and exercises. NEVER one size fits all. Very wholistic in his approach. I would highly recommend Dr. Kramer."

- Mike Kelly

"Better better easier easier I am a retired osteopathic physician with adult onset muscular dystrophy complicated bye degenerative spine disease causing me too be unable to stand up straight and also difficulty walking I saw Dr Greg Kramer at the gym and I heard him speaking 2 his children and other people at the he has a kind gentle Manor and I asked him if he could help me. I made an appointment to see him and he has helped me tremendously to relieve muscle spasm intention and we are currently working together 2 RI reshape my spine. After 10 years of numerous neurologist neurosurgeons physical therapy with no appreciable Improvement. After 4 months with dr. Kramer I feel that he has helped me more than all in the past thank you Dr. Kramer"

- Dr. Milton Stern

"At this time last year I couldn't raise my arms to the ceiling without being in pain from frozen shoulders (tendonitis). Simple tasks like the upward pushing motion of closing windows in my house hurt.

Now I have regained my mobility and am almost completely pain free. I would say I am 90% healed, only because I fell off the bandwagon for a bit, but recently I'm back on to finish it off. I started doing my neck traction again too. Thanks Greg Kramer!"

- Darren Zielinski

"Amber Patterson recommended Dr. Kramer to me, two months ago. I am grateful for this referral. Dr. Kramer's ability to connect with his patients coupled with his unique talent of helping patients is superior. Dr. Kramer has consistently demonstrated the skill set to work independently, professionally and ensure that the job gets done. Dr. Kramer will accomplish any task(s) with great initiative and completed quality with a very positive attitude. I recommend Dr. Kramer to you without reservation."

- Saundra Braxton

"Dr. Kramer helped me immensely! My energy levels were terrible when I first visited him. We worked on my digestion and over the course of a year I was back to work and living a full life again!

Thanks Dr. Kramer!"

- Mark C.

"Dr. Kramer treated me for lower back pain. My back is now the best it has been for some time. Each month it improves, as I continue to do the stretching and exercises."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Kramer, Has healing hands. He can adjust your back and your life. A visit to this office will be life changing. He will help you reclaim your life style back that a lack of movement may of stolen from you. I have been visiting his office for four months and I feel four years younger. I am traveling pain free. I even took my Grandchildren bowling!!!

He has a wonderful assistant Trina who makes the whole office experience a pleasure. Her demeanor is always cheerful and extremely helpful.

This is a choice you will never regret."

- Claire O.


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